Frequently Asked Questions

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated by weight and distance.  To get a shipping quote:

  • Place the items your are interested in purchasing into your shopping cart.
  • Click on the "View cart" box (above the navigation bar).
  • Enter your State and Zip Code into the Estimate Shipping section and press the Get a Quote button.
When will Christmas items go on sale?

Christmas items will go on sale October 1st and can be backordered. They are not scheduled to arrive in our warehouse until the end of October.

Where are you located?
We are located in Southern Delaware.
Is your shopping cart secure?
Yes! Once you click "Checkout", our site changes to a secure connection. You can verify this by checking the lock symbol in the lower right hand corner of your browser.
Why don't you stock Frey-Bentos tinned pies?
The United States does not allow these items to be imported.
Can I get crisps in quantities smaller than a case?
Crisps have a very short shelf life. Therefore, we stock them to order and cannot sell them in quantities smaller than a case.
Can I get crisps in different flavours than shown?
The flavours shown are the only ones imported into the States.
Why don't you stock ....?
There any many items which are not imported into this country. We have to stock the most popular items and therefore cannot stock every product.
Can I place my order by phone or email?
Yes, our phone number and email address are listed on the contact us page. Our hours are 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. If we are not in the office, please leave your name and phone number and specify that you wish to place an order. We will call you back as soon as possible.
I don't want to put my credit card number over the internet. Can I still place an order using the website?

Yes. You can pay by check or money order. Our address is:

303 Chestnut St
Milton, DE 19968

When we receive your check/money order, we will ship your package.

Please note: Items are not guaranteed to be available when sending in a check or money order. A check will be written for any items not available.

How do you determine shipping charges?
Shipping costs are determined by the weight of the package and the distance the package will be traveling. Our warehouse is located in Milton, Delaware. Our site automatically contacts Fedex, UPS and the United States Postal Service to determine shipping costs. To find out how much shipping is going to cost, please the items you wish to purchase in the shopping cart. On the shopping cart page, enter your State and Zipcode for an accurate shipping quote.
Do you ship to Europe?
No. We only ship within the United States.
Do you carry Woodward's Gripe Water?
No. The FDA will not allow Gripe Water to be imported into the United States. There is an FDA approved version of Gripe Water. We don't know how good it is, but you can get it here: Baby's Bliss.
Do you carry Beef Bovril or Oxo Cubes?
No. The USDA will not allow this product to be imported into the United States.
Why don't you stock Lucozade or Wine Gums anymore?
No. The FDA will not allow this product to be imported into the United States.

When will you have Quality Street or Milk Tray in Stock?Unfortunately, we can only get these items at Christmas time. They will go on sale for pre-order on October 1st and should be in stock for immediate delivery by November 1st..

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